Best products – best practice.

Our wide range of products is exceeded only by their combination options.
For our customers that always means a suitable, tailor-made solution.


Examples from our extensive product range:

M2M & Telematic Antenna Product Catalogue

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Combined low profile antenna for GPS/GLONASS/GSM
Combined roof antenna for Electronic Toll Collection (GPS/GSM)
Modular M2M antenna solution, e.g. GPS, GSM or WLAN

GNSS and Cellular Antennas

Film antenna for TMC reception with amplifier
Film antenna for 900-1900 MHz
“Sandwich” antenna for 900-1800 MHz

Embedded Antennas

Combined roof antenna for GPS/GSM/Iridium
Combined GPS/Orb- comm antenna for construction equipment
Single Iridium antenna

Satellite Communication Antennas

Iridium Edge – Iridium Antenna and Transceiver

Communication Terminals

Radio/TV Modules
TV - Aftermarket



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