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Computer-Based Simulation Technology.

Using innovative simulation software, Hirschmann is able to select the perfect antenna and determine the ideal position within the application based on design data provided

by the customer. This results in optimum performance and reduced development time, prototyping and costs.

Embedded Antenna Technology. We make your solution possible.

  • Development of tailor-made, adjusted embedded antennas for specified applications.

    Advantage: Maximum performance and efficiency.


Film Antenna Technology. Great performance in a confined space.

  • Innovative antenna concept allowing solutions in the frequency range between 100 MHz and 2400 MHz.

    Advantage: With strong but flexible material, film antennas can be located in very small spaces to solve previously challenging problems.


Tuner Technology. Trust the innovation leader.

  • We cover all worldwide digital TV standards and we interface to all bus systems such as CAN, MOST or Ethernet.

  • Customised hardware, software and a variety of housings enables us to meet all requirements.

    Advantage: Reducing complexity, costs and providing scaleable solutions with Wi-Fi, LTE etc. connectivity.



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