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Hirschmann Car Communication

Hirschmann Car Communication is one of the world's leading specialists in transmitter and receiver technology for mobile communications. We have been at the forefront of communication technology for over 90 years.

We employ more than 1.000 people worldwide, of which 20% are dedicated to R&D and engineering. Hirschmann‘s head-
quarters are located in the south of Germany in the high technology region of Stuttgart. Further locations are in USA, China, France, Mexico and Hungary.

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Hirschmann Solutions

Hirschmann Car Communication formed the business unit Hirschmann Solutions as a reaction to the increasing demands for its communication technology coming from the telematic and M2M sectors. Increasingly the use of data transmission is a standard component in a wide variety of applications and therefore reliable performance is paramount. The use of the best antenna technology is a driving part of the product design process.

The quality of the data received is only as good as the antenna can handle.  With full access to the world class research and development, test and measurement and global manufacturing resources, Hirschmann Solutions is able to provide its customers with cutting edge products at competitive prices.

Which services, type or shape of antenna you require, you decide! We have the suitable solution for you.


A solid commitment to Research and Development keeps Hirschmann at the forefront of technology.

Hirschmann has world-class, state-of-the-art test and measurement facilities which allow us to carry out rigorous simulations of prototypes followed by a validation and an optimization process to eliminate problems before the product or system goes into use.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Germany includes fully automated production facilities whilst our facilities in Hungary, China and the NAFTA regions are able to handle both small and high volumes.

Hirschmann products are full of quality from the initial design process all the way through to delivery. We run stringent quality programmes and hold ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO/TS 16949: 2009. In addition, we are certified to ISO 14001: 2004 for environmental testing.

The Partner of Choice.

With Hirschmann Solutions, Hirschmann makes available its “know how” and “do how” in telematics and M2M solutions. Hirschmann Solutions is quality right from the word go.

  • In close cooperation with its customers, Hirschmann Solutions creates dependable M2M and telematic products which are also available in large scale volumes.

  • Hirschmann’s support and service capabilities reach far beyond the RF portion of the application and help our customers to create better systems.

  • Total service from prototyping through testing and validation to manufacturing.

In thinking, in consultation, in design, in testing, in manufacturing and finally in the reliability of the entire solution.

  • One trusted partner for proven and innovative new solutions.

  • Customers benefit from Hirschmann expertise in telematics and M2M technology globally.

  • Significant cost reduction through low-cost manufacturing and volume bundling in components.



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